State Savings Bank, Sofia, 19 Moskovska str., reconstruction and modernization of basements;

State Savings Bank - "Geo Milev" branch;

State Savings Bank - Kocherinovo;

State Savings Bank - "Levski" branch;

Holiday home of BNB - Smolyan;

State Savings Bank- Kustendil- reconstuction


Public and ceremonial hall, postoffice, ATC - Ravda (in association with arch. Peter Andreev);

Complex building for public service - Goroubliane quarter, Sofia;

Daisy Technology office building - reconstruction and modernization

Etap Adress office building- Sofia, Vassil Levski str.- click for plan or for visualization


Sofia Telephone Chamber's club restaurant, reconstruction (with team leader arch. Peter Andreev);

"Tolbuhin" TV tower - extension of a low building (with team leader arch. Peter Andreev);

"Stara Zagora" radio - reconstruction and and modernization

Kaliakra radio translator - in association with GSPI - Moskow


"Semkovo" PO and TE;

"Kalofer" PO and TE - extension and reorganiazation;

"Kameno" - PO and TE (with team leader arch. Peter Andreev); etc.


"Real Saragosa" tennis bar and Nasko Sirakov’s house, D.Bogrov;

George Atanasov's house, Bistritza

Nikolai Kantchev's house, Bankya

Pavlin Antonov's house, Sofia

Roumen Popov’s house, Dragalevtzi

Family house, Dragalevtzi

Velika Simeonov's house, Sofia

Zahariev’s house, Gorna banya quarter, Sofia

Family house, Sofia, Tayga str. 

Single family house, Boyana

Apartment building, Sofia, Levski quarter

Apartment building, Sofia, Lulin quarter

Apartment building, Sofia, Macedonia square

Apartment building, Sofia, Borovo quarter, click for fragment

Family house, Dragalevtzi

Ninov's family house, Dragalevtzi

Complex of family houses, Bakston quarter

Georgiev's family house, Bakston quarter

Popinski's family house, Dragalevtzi, click for plan or click for realization

Family house, Kovachevtzi village - in construction

Apartment building, Sofia, Madrid str., click for top view or NW view or NE view

Apartment building, Bansko mountain resort, Asanitza neighbourhood.

Two– family twin house, Lozen village

Family house, Terziev brothers, Suhodol

and many others.




Sports & Relax Center- of "Levski" SC - Sofia, Troudovetc;

"Belene" Nuclear central - "Montaji" DSO settlement;

Diary, Montana.

Heating station, Zvenigorod, Russia;

Airport Aktubinsk, Kazahstan- new elevations

Airport Burgas, structural glazing- click for rendering image or click for realization

DANON SERDIKA AD- reconstruction and modernization bl.C

Production Sales Complex HELPMAN-SOFIA wiht arch.Yana Pavlova- click for plan or for realization and interior

Production Sales Complex RIVAGIPS- Nova Zagora, click for night view or click for realization

Huatai foods project, China- cold rooms and elevations- wiht arch.Yana Pavlova- click for plan

Production Sales Complex TELETEK- SOFIA wiht arch.Yana Pavlova- click for plan or for realization



Down town of Targovishte- with team leader arch. Peter Olekov- second prize

Down town of Zlatitza- with team leader arch. Peter Olekov- first prize

TS Bank- in association whit Montajproject LTD- second prize

State Savings Bank, Sofia, Kaloyan str.-in association with Montajproject LTD- second prize

National Museum of Korea- in association with arch. Shelly Melamed and Montajproject LTD

State Savings Bank- Kustendil- reconstuction-in association with Montajproject LTD-first prize

Euromarket LTD, Sofia, arch. competition- in association with arch. B.Grigorova and arch.R.Mantchev - third prize


GAZPROM'S Head office, Tumen, Russia- the foyer;

GAZPROM'S Head office, Tumen, Russia- bank office,

GAZPROM'S Head office, Tumen, Russia- the vice-president's office,

Four- storeyed garage, Odessa, Russia,

Sports & Conference Cenrte, Kazahstan,  etc.

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